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I just realized that last week :iconthe-ratchet-club: turned 3 years old.

I am constantly being forced to go on hiatus (whether it be due lack of time, school or the fact that Im always having laptop problems >:U) and it makes me feel extremely bad, like Im neglecting my group(s) as well as all my watchers. I never do it intentionally, and I do my best to return as soon as possible. However, when I am gone, I have my Amazing Co-Founders :iconera-7: & :iconprincess-of-queens: , they have made the Ratchet Club more than I could have ever made it, and I'm so happy to see my little "ratchet needs more love" themed club become a group with over 400 members that are proud to love our favorite Autobot. Again I thank you both for making this group what it is today, I'd be no where without you two (as well as everyone that's a part of this Ratchet club!)

- Kati
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